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September 10, 2022 4 min read 2 Comments

Interior design trends — shaped by the culture and current events — influence how you decorate and accessorize your home.

With a new year arise new trends and styles. From the transition that the pandemic has carried us through in the past two years, the purpose of our homes and how we want to live there have shifted. So, what does this year have in store for your sanctuary’s decor?

Although your personal quarters are meant to reflect your own aesthetics and personality, keeping up with the recent trends can help breathe some fresh air into your space. And whether your designing your home or designing for a commerical project, this blog post has the inspiration you need!

Dive in to learn about the interior design trends that can make any space look updated and trendy in no time!


Outdoor Lighting

With social distancing becoming the new normal, people have started to prefer spending more time outdoors in their backyard for get-togethers, socializing, or even solitude. This has carried the trend of luxe lighting outside.

Whether you have a beautiful seaside space or a narrow balcony in your apartment, following the latest fads can make your space look magical!

Here are some cool options to help you add nighttime curb appeal to your space:


They are pointed downwards and are covered from the top and sides, allowing for a specific area to be illuminated. This makes them ideal for walkways and flowerbeds.

Motion-sensing lights

People are becoming more and more environmentally conscious with every passing day. The motion-sensing lights — that switch on when they sense movement and switch off when the place is empty — have become a trend for 2022 as they can save electricity.

They are generally very bright and can also be used for security purposes.

Fairy Lights

These lights are used to decorate trees and bushes. They are available in various shades, from white to multicolor. The best part is that they are not limited to the holiday season; they can be used all year long.


Irregular Rugs

Upgrading your area rug is one of the simplest ways to keep your space new-fashioned by adding pizzazz and personality to it.

Rugs in abstract designs and shapes with striking prints that can add interest to the eye have become the new trend. Whether it's a tufted wool piece with wavy patterns or an oval area rug with geometric shapes, homeowners are absolutely obsessed!

If wooden elements dominate your space, a rug with a triangular design in muted earthy tones will look best. Similarly, colorful rugs with interesting designs are a great option if you want to add a pop of color to your monochromatic space.

Rugs are also a must to incorporate in commercial projects. They add warmth and soften the ambiance of any space you design!


Wooden Products

Wooden decor has made it to the latest interior design trends. The warm and unique look created by the eco-friendly and versatile natural wood products is unmatched.

There are multiple cool ways to incorporate the classiness of wooden products into your space (or commercial project), for example, using a paper towel dispenser made of natural bamboo in your kitchen or bathroom. At Cozee Bay, we have multiple bamboo paper towel holders, with both the dispenser and lid. Go for a paper towel dispenser wall mount if you want to save countertop space.

Vintage Brown Paper Towel Holder

Some other ways to incorporate wood include:

  • Wooden flower vases
  • Hardwood coasters for glasses
  • Wooden art frames
  • Bamboo mats for bathrooms


Canopy Beds

These gorgeous grand beds can elevate the entire look of your room in no time. They were originally intended to offer privacy and conserve warmth, but their sumptuous design has now made them part of one of the top trends.

Though they are a little pricey, they are a great choice if you want to add something eye-catchy to your room without overwhelming the space.


Cork Flooring

Cork flooring has made a manifest comeback this year!

The fact that it can be sourced sustainably has made it a popular choice for the climate-conscious population. Additionally, the natural thermal properties make it a great and affordable substitute for underfloor heating, leading to significant savings on utility and energy usage bills.

Cork flooring is aesthetically versatile; planks can help create a seamless look, while alternating colored tiles can create a non-traditional effect. It is resistant to cracking and abrasions and impermeable to water and gas.

The good news is that the harvesting practices for building cork flooring are sustainable. A tree must be 25 years old before it is harvested. The bark can then be harvested every 8 to 14 years without killing the tree.


Rattan And Woven Furniture

Materials like cane and rattan have been part of home decor for several years, and they have continued to remain a classic in 2022.

These natural materials bring a warm and casual vibe, making them a good fit for all types of spaces, including industrial, bohemian art deco, and minimalist design.  They are easily repairable, non-corrosive, and come in a variety of colors and textures. Their ability to fight extreme weather conditions makes them perfect for outdoor furniture as well.


Bold Colors

Whether it's kitchen cabinets or wall paint, the interior design trends are now shifting back to bold colors. Colored concrete in bathrooms and bright wallpapers for living rooms are becoming everyone's favorite!

Bold colors — known for being mood-boosters — can make simple art and muted furniture pop. They are an easy way to breathe life into floral fabrics and gorgeous silhouettes.



The classic interior design trends are being embraced by homeowners and interior designers alike. But, while transforming your home in accordance with the latest trends, it is important to keep in mind the trending color palette as well. For example, mustard for kitchens and olive for living rooms is gaining popularity.

Following the recent trends should not make you feel stressed or anxious. Follow tips from professionals and play around with different styles to decide what fulfills your requirement and represents your personality perfectly!

So, what are you waiting for? Implement the aforementioned timeless ideas to decorate your home — or commercial project — with trends that will stay in fashion for the coming year and beyond.





2 Responses

James Robert
James Robert

September 23, 2023

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James Robert
James Robert

September 15, 2023

It’s a very nice blog that I will definitely come back to more times! Thanks for informative post. If you want to buy home appliances, kitchen appliances and more then visit JB SAEED

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