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Our Story

Since our establishment in 2013, we have specialized in designing and producing high-quality eco-friendly products for everyday use. Through our brand, Cozee Bay, we have remained committed to offering quality products that are safe for both humans and the environment. We are towel dispenser manufacturers on the West Coast of the United States. Our talented craftsmen and craftswomen are both scientists and artists in consistently producing quality products and alluring designs.

What we believe in.

We aspire to make a difference by offering customers handmade, natural products for everyday use while providing them with first-class customer service. We believe that people should be able to use everyday products and feel good doing it. Our goal is for every user of our product to feel cozy and have a memorable experience in their most loved spaces. Whether it is at the home, office, school, or even church, as long as you spend quality time there, you deserve to feel gratifying coziness.

Why we’re special.

Our products are made and refined from the finest of organic and eco-friendly materials. They are sustainable and renewable. We use 100% premium natural bamboos for our domestic and commercial paper towel dispensers, wall mounts, holders, and more. Cozee Bay domestic and commercial products are handmade- you can feel the love and commitment on all edges.

New User-friendly designs.

We are tissue and paper towel rack manufacturers in the U.S. that are constantly working towards providing improved everyday products. Our products now come in a new design intentionally made to give you that extra comfort with a user-friendlier structure. With our new and improved range of bamboo paper towel dispensers for home and office, your days of paper towel ripping are over. Our products also include wall-mounted paper towel holders, bathroom paper towel dispensers, tissue holders, and more.

Committed to quality customer service

The Cozee Bay brand oozes quality that can rival the best. We can assure you that we will remain true to producing premium quality products from real natural materials. We also promise to give you our undivided attention- 100% customer service- whenever you need us. With us, you will discover a customer support unit that is dedicated to helping customers find the best eco-friendly products.

We are all about preserving nature.

As a group, we believe that we all have a responsibility to protect our ecosystem. And to maintain a steady streak of providing our customers with the best nature has to offer, we must protect it. In our opinion, nothing beats natural products. For this reason, we produce sustainable and organic products that are safe for humans and will not harm the ecosystem even after use.


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