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May 28, 2022 5 min read 5 Comments

Looking to spruce up a bathroom? Here are the top bathroom accessories that can double as decor!

The bathroom is hands-down one of the most functional spaces in the house, so it’s easy to put it at the end of the priority list when it comes to decorating. But remember, it’s also one of the most frequently visited spaces — and you’ll thank yourself later for investing in its visual aesthetics!

The good part is, you don’t necessarily need to purchase decor items separately. With just the right forethought and planning, you can utilize your bathroom essentials so they act as decor, too.

In that regard, this article is your comprehensive guide on the top bathroom accessories that double as decor. Whether you’re looking to redecorate your own bathroom or use ideas for your next project as an interior designer, we’ve got you covered!

Incorporate these items for functionality and watch them add to the visual aesthetics of your space, making your next bathroom visit (or project) oh-so-worth-it *wink*.


Bath Mats

Having a plush bath mat to step on as you walk out of the shower is a luxury in itself. But what if you choose a mat that also enhances the ambiance?

If you have a neutral-hued bathroom, use the bath mat to introduce a pop of color. For instance, you may incorporate a round, colorful mat outside the shower cubicle. Bonus points if you find a similar-hued dustbin to pull the space together.

Another very unique idea would be using a bamboo bath math. Bamboo dries very fast, ensuring the mat doesn’t get soggy. This also maintains hygiene — and the wooden feel of bamboo enhances the aesthetics, of course.


Paper Towel Dispensers

You heard that right — even paper towel dispensers can double as decor! Not that you need a very extra, decorative dispenser — even minimalist, sleek ones can do the job elegantly.

In that regard, our commercial paper towel dispensers (plus paper towel dispenser for home) at Cozee Bay can do the trick.


If you have an all-white bathroom and would like to maintain the Scandinavian style of the space, complement your ambiance with a sleek white towel dispenser. This maintains the laid-back style of your bathroom while stepping up the game from traditional dispensers.

For designers aiming to decorate commercial and public bathrooms (including those of hotels, restaurants, schools, and coffee shops), our black paper towel dispensers are a fantastic option. Even a subtle addition of black through the dispenser can make the space feel more grounded and absolute!

If you choose to lay a bamboo mat for your space, you may want to check out our bamboo paper towel holder to complement it. This also comes with a lid and helps add a woodsy touch of nature to your bathroom.

All our dispensers can be mounted onto the wall or placed on the countertop — their versatility means you can move them around while redecorating in the future and achieve a different look with the same product!


Additionally, all our products guarantee excellent quality. They are sustainable, organic, and made using natural materials. So, you essentially get a three-in-one package; functionality, aesthetics, and the preservation of the environment.



Your towels can be utilized as decor, too — here’s how!

Fold towels into rolls and arrange them in a decorative basket. Alternatively, you can place them on wall-mounted shelves in the bathroom. Another fantastic idea is placing a towel ladder in your bathroom and hanging towels from its rungs.

You can choose towels that you already own and learn fun folding techniques. Or you could purchase new ones, making sure their colors complement the theme of your bathroom.



Yes, plants really are a bathroom accessory! Plants help clean bathroom air by reducing carbon dioxide levels. Certain varieties, such as palms, absorb moisture as well, keeping mold away from the bathroom.

At the same time, these leafy greens add a touch of nature to the aesthetics of the bathroom, efficiently serving decorative purposes.

However, be sure to pick varieties that can thrive in low-light and humid conditions. For example, you can choose Golden Ivy Golden Pothos, Bloomscape, and the Hedgehog Aloe.


Soap Dishes & Dispensers

There’s no bathroom that can do without a soap dish and/or dispenser — but several interiors can make the most of these essentials if done right.

Find aesthetic soap dishes, such as those made of bamboo. You can also go for sleek marble dishes or fun-shaped, colorful ceramic ones.

Extra points if you find matching soap dispensers and toothbrush holders, too!


Products & Toiletries

If you invest a little effort into your bathroom products and toiletries, they can effectively double as decor.

Most skincare lines come in cute packaging — and if your favorite does too, don’t hesitate to purchase an extra of each item to decoratively place in your bathroom.

For not-so-presentable bathroom products you can’t do without, purchase new containers. These are especially useful for bathroom design projects, too. We’d recommend purchasing them early during the project to make sure they complement the initial theme and style chosen for the space.

Once you’ve chosen your favorites, decant your products into the new containers and display them on the bathroom counter or storage shelves.


Bathtub Caddies

If you’re looking to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom without costing you an arm and a leg, we have an inexpensive solution for you: a bathtub caddy! This instantly adds the luxe factor to your space while also serving its functional purpose — easy access to accessories you may need during your bath.

Step up the game by choosing the right items for your caddy. These can be anything from books and scented candles to mini container plants and toiletries.


Trays & Platters

No plastic here — opt for sturdy trays and platters made of wood, marble, granite, or glass.

Find your essentials the perfect home by placing them over such a tray. From makeup products to skincare items, you can use such platters for practically everything.

Their functional benefit? You can conveniently pick up the tray and carry it to some other room when the need arises. For example, your roommate may want to take a shower, but you still need to experiment with different makeup products.


Final Words

Just by appropriately using a handful of accessories, as discussed in this blog post, you can make your bathroom visually aesthetic. You wouldn’t even need to invest in decor separately; using the mere essentials as decor would do the trick.

And whether you’re aiming to decorate a bathroom for your commercial project or simply for your own home, the ideas given in this blog post are a great place to begin. Which one is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments section below — we look forward to hearing from you!









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James Robert

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James Robert
James Robert

September 15, 2023

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September 23, 2023
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Amy Saunders
Amy Saunders

September 15, 2023

Ooh, nice! You just made us realize that even soap dispensers can be transformed into beautiful decorations as long as we find containers which suits the interior design of our bathroom. Inside my brother’s apartment, there’s a guest bedroom complete with a shower room but the area looks quite underwhelming in terms of its lavishness. Well then, I’m gonna ask him to check out this article so he’ll buy the perfect accessories after this.

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