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Our Story

Cozee Bay is a business that started in 2013 located on the west coast of the United States.


The goal of our business is to use sustainable materials (organic bamboo or organic wood) as much as possible for houseware and home decor, i.e., we hope people to live in a safe and clean place (home, office, hotel, coffee shop, etc). 

Natural with innovative design

We think, design, and then make products. Our paper towel dispensers are patented and bring much better user experience.  

Handcrafted with love and care

All our products are handmade and treated as art works. Besides home and office use, those are great gift ideas as well. 

We make premium products

We make champions of bamboo/wood products. So product quality is guaranteed. 

Trusted & recognized brand

Our brand, Cozee Bay, has been a trusted brand and recognized by the community. Our customers always buy with 100% confidence with us. Customer's satisfaction is guaranteed. No questions for returns. Guaranteed refund for returns. 


Make a different home/office. 

Paper towel dispenser toolbox