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Cozee Bay® Paper Towel Dispenser for Kitchen & Bathroom (Natural Bamboo)

We are paper towel dispenser and paper towel holder manufacturers in the U.S. that are constantly working towards providing improved everyday products. Our products are made and refined from the finest organic and eco-friendly materials. They are sustainable and renewable. We use 100% premium natural bamboos for our domestic and commercial paper towel dispensers, wall mounts, holders, and more. Cozee Bay domestic and commercial products are handmade- you can feel the love and commitment on all edges. With our new and improved range of bamboo paper towel dispensers for home and office, your days of paper towel ripping are over. Our products also include countertop paper towel dispensers, wall-mounted paper towel dispensers, bathroom paper towel dispensers, tissue holders, and more. 

Key Features
  • 100% natural bamboo material- say bye-bye to germs and we stay with natural, green, and healthy!
  • Dual dispensing- can be wall-mounted or placed on the countertop and it is up to you.
  • No tearing/ripping thanks to the innovative design- when getting paper towels from the bottom, the unique adapter acts as a “slide” for the paper towels and makes the pulling process 100% easier without tearing.
  • No mess/cross-contamination thanks to the innovative design-when getting paper towels from the top, the unique adapter acts as a “high chair” for the paper towels and avoids contamination/wet mess from the countertop surface.
  • Large capacity- the dimensions are 11.6" (length) X4.5" (width)X7.6" (height) and it holds 200-250 paper towels. 
  • Great compatibility- these dispensers are compatible with most multi-fold, tri-fold, single-fold, C-fold, and Z-fold paper towels. Also, they are compatible with most paper towel brands such as Tork multi-fold towels, Marason multi-fold towels, Scott multi-fold towels, Kleenex multi-fold towels, Genuine Joe multi-fold towels, Georgina-Pacific multi-fold towels, Boardwalk Multi-Fold Towels, and so on.
  • Easy Installation and hardware included- an installation instruction is included in the package as well.
  • Great for both home and commercial - bring natural wood crafts and styles to our cozy places such as home, office area, and other commercial places.
  • Premium quality and 100% money-back guaranteed- always buy with confidence. We are always here with customers. No questions if a customer would like to return the item.


Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
MIMI Y.L. (Miami, US)
Nice holder

Just as pictured and delivered quickly

Jane T.
Very pratical

This works great on the counter which we prefer rather than mounting on the wall. It looks good and is sturdy.

Loraine F.

Beautiful product, fast shipping, would recommend this shop!

Ozella O.

Exactly as I expected. Worked perfectly. I don't use paper towels. I use cloth. I got sick of having them on my counter and this totally solved the problem.

Markus K.
Cloth Pull Dispenser to Replace Paper Towel Consumption

After very many purchases and experimentation, over almost a year, we settled easily on microfiber 'lens' cloths to replace our paper towel use. They wash with any load and do not need to be put in the dryer; they dry even if left in a pile.We chose the taupe color because it shows much less staining than all other colors except black. The Wholesale Store version was chosen for its large pack, single color, and 75 cents/ea price. I admit that I hope Wholesale Store will add 'fashion' design selections in the future, with earthtone backgrounds.It turns out humans have a cloth-size expectation from habitual paper towel use, so we liked a 10x10 size best. We also have the muscle memory to discard it in the trash, so we put a receptacle on/inside the trash door (see images), and collect the cloths (to put in the washing machine from there).There are holder dispensers for other sizes, but the 10x10 cloth size gives a nice result for a trifold 'paper' towel holder style (I use the Z Multi folding method, see images), of which there are many to choose from.We settled on the Cozee Bay Bamboo 'Paper' Towel Dispensers, placed in three locations - one wall mount and 2 in upper cabinets with an access hole below (see images). Although they hold much more, 30 towels in each is plenty for our use.Because there are 5 adults using these dispensers and towels, I don't know that we could do without the lovely extra 'weight' aka 'adapter' provided with the Cozee Bay version. I do not regret paying more (than other versions) to have it, at all. Every other aspect of the Cozee Bay version is also excellent (we utilized 2 of the color choices).We did take some height off the top of the boxes for the Vintage Brown installations, and re-made the 'scoop' (which we have not rubbed dark stain on yet).