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March 29, 2024 5 min read

Paper towels are one of the most essential elements of any public building  — and that explains why they deserve special attention. Be it detailed research on finding the best quality product or installing top-notch commercial paper towel dispensers, handling disposable tissues with responsible practices can bring incredible long-term results to your business. 

What Are Commercial Paper Towel Dispensers? 

Commercial paper towel dispensers are installed in almost all public places throughout the world, including schools, offices, hospitals, restaurants, shopping malls, hotels, airports, and gyms. They have greatly contributed to uplifting the standards of public restrooms and making them more sanitary. According to a study carried out by the National Library of Medicine, paper towels remove up to 70% of germs from your hand by merely soaking up the leftover water particles.

 Modern commercial paper towel dispensers have great storage capacity and require low maintenance, further adding to their high efficacy. Not to forget, they come in extremely compact versions, like the Cozee Bay Paper Towel Dispenser, ensuring they fit into every and any space regardless of the room size. 

Types of Commercial Paper Towel Dispensers

Commercial paper towel dispensers come in various types suitable to various needs. So we’ve put together 4 different options on the market to help you make the best choice for your building’s restrooms and, ultimately, the occupants. 

Manual Dispensers

Manual paper towel dispensers are common in public bathrooms but rarely found in healthcare environments. These commercial paper towel dispensers typically require ADA compliance and minimum physical strain to operate. Featuring unpowered mechanisms like levers and spinning wheels, the dispenser allows users to extract the required amount of paper towels manually. Consumers may repeat the process if more product is required. This dispenser type is also much more affordable than its tech-based counterparts. 

However, commercial manual dispensers are vulnerable to damage, meaning they require frequent repairs. Additionally, they are prone to cross-contamination of germs. In case an individual incorrectly washes their hands and touches the dispenser, the transferred germs can potentially hop onto the next bathroom patron.

The Cozee Bay Paper Towel Dispenser with Lid is one of the smartest picks for a manual dispenser. Here’s how.

  • Complete coverage to ensure towels are protected from germs suspended in the air.
  • Innovative design to make the pulling process efficient.
  • Large capacity.
  • Easy installation.
  • Premium quality.
  • Great compatibility with different types of folds.
  • Dual dispensing.

 With regular sanitation, the dispenser ensures minimum pathogen transfer. Made of high-quality bamboo, the material is sturdy and long-lasting, ideal for high-traffic areas.

Automatic Dispensers

Automatic paper towel dispensers don’t require exterior mechanisms for functionality. They are equipped with sensors to dispense pre-programmed amounts of paper towels. Typically, automatic dispensers come in two types: touch-activated and touch-free.

Touch-activated dispensers have a battery-powered mechanism that is activated by tapping a sensor. They help organize paper towels in an accessible location while allowing control of the number of sheets dispensed each time the sensor is touched. However, this dispenser type is still prone to cross-contamination.

Touch-free dispensers, like touch-activated dispensers, are modified to customize the number of paper towels dispensed. They are battery-operated and functioned by motion sensors that notice hand movements. As such, the dispenser is great at curbing the spread of illness as users do not touch the surface when dispensing towels.

Both options are economical, thanks to their ability to control the amount of product supplied.

Center Pull Dispensers

Carrying a large capacity barrel, center pull dispensers perfectly serve the needs of high-traffic areas. Their functions are quite similar to manual dispensers. The difference lies in the pull-down dispensing method, which makes this option more sanitary. Users pull the paper towel straight from the center of the unit, making sure each user touches only one sheet and the towels are not exposed to the germ-laden bathroom environment.

Perforated Paper Towel Dispensers

Perforated paper towel dispensers allow users to tear off the required amount to clean up spills and messes. This commercial dispenser is a decent choice for schools, offices, break rooms, etc. They come in two different types.

  • Countertop perforated roll towel dispensers.
  • Surface-mounted perforated roll towel dispensers.

 What are Folded Paper Towel Dispensers?

Folded paper towel dispensers can be both counter and wall-mounted. Folded paper towels come in C-folds and M-folds. While these fancy presentations are normally common in homes, using them in guest rooms, hotels, and break rooms can introduce an opulent vibe to the space. Space-saving and cost-effective, the table below provides additional information on the different types of folded towel dispensers.

Folded Paper Towel Dispenser Type


C-Fold/M-Fold Paper Towel Dispensers (e.g., Black Wall-Mounted Paper Towel Dispenser)

●      Cuts down on waste

●      Paper towels stay enclosed, and sanitary

●      Space-saving

●      Easy to refill

Folded Paper Towel Holders/Baskets

●      Easy mobility

●      Great to be placed over countertops

●      Ideal for low-traffic areas

●      Cost-effective

Folded Trash Can Combination Dispenser

●      Promotes high level of sanitation

●      Improves accessibility

●      Great versatility in design

●      Organized storage


Special Accessories for Commercial Paper Towel Dispensers

Commercial paper towel dispensers are vital components to make public places more organized and hygienic. The importance of supplying clean sheets to staff, visitors, and patients cannot be undermined — and who can do the job better than a high-quality paper towel dispenser? It will not only minimize waste by controlling the number of sheets dispensed but also ensure better health by reducing the spread of germs. 

However, the responsibility doesn’t end with purchasing a commercial paper towel dispenser. Implementing practices to maintain the product and adding special accessories to elevate the functionality can go a long way in enhancing the bathroom environment. 

Here are a few additions you can consider.

Paper Towel Dispenser Adapters

Dispenser power adapters convert battery power to AC power. This eliminates the risk of a dispenser completely shutting down without warning. However, most modern dispensers come with a light indicator to signal the custodial staff when the battery needs to be changed. 

So, the decision to opt for an adapter over a battery depends on the following pros and cons. 

Pros of AC Power

Cons of AC Power


Lesser flexibility (must be near a location with electrical wiring)

Requires less maintenance

May be affected during power outages

Provides more consistent performance

Potential safety hazards

Has less environmental impact if the power comes from a renewable source

Require compliance with electrical codes and regulations

Paper Towel Dispenser Inserts

Also called pre-cut paper towel sheets, paper towel dispenser inserts are installed to reduce waste by modifying the dispenser to release one sheet at a time. They make dispensing more efficient by reducing tearing and more hygienic by eliminating contact with the central tissue roll.

Handwashing Instructions

Manual dispensers are cost-effective, but the risk of cross-contamination makes consumers shift to automatic dispensers. However, if you’re tight on budget yet worried about your occupants’ hygiene, we’ve got a simple solution for you. Hang easy-to-follow handwashing instructions as a reminder for everyone to follow efficient handwashing techniques.


Final Words

Wiping hands is a lot more than drying excess water, especially in public places that load your hands with germs. The cleaning tissues must have antibacterial properties, and the commercial paper towel dispensers should maintain good sanitary standards to reduce the spread of pathogens.


When on your hunt for the best commercial paper towel dispensers, don’t forget to check out our incredible dispenser collection at Cozee Bay!

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