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September 15, 2023 6 min read


Whether spending mornings before work digging into your closet to find that one white sock you swore was in there or trying to put together pieces to design a chic outfit for an awaited dinner, an unorganized closet will always have you pulling out your hair. So why not spare a day to ditch your messy ways and give your bathroom and bedroom closet a makeover with the best closet organization ideas? And if you’re also worried about the mess in your kids’ space, feel free to apply the same ideas to their closet, too!


Create A System

Keeping your clothing visible, neat, and accessible is the key to setting up an organized closet. Allocate a full vertical section to hang long items. For shorter things like button-ups and t-shirts, divide the vertical section into two horizontal halves with double-hang closet rods to maximize space. Make sure to choose hangers in the same shade as the closet interior so they can recede into the background and allow the clothes to be the focal point. If you’re tight on space, vertical hangers can be a smart hack to save room and hang maximum clothes.

Clothes that will be folded, such as sweaters and jeans, should rest in a separate compartment.  You can create this with shelve dividers and present the clothes in transparent boxes to keep the contents in view and protect them from moths. In case the shelves appear too cramped, hanging jeans in the vertical section can free up space in the horizontal cubicles.

If your closet does not have compartments, consider installing a custom closet system. This gives you the opportunity to choose from a variety of drawers, rods, and shelving arrangements, helping you create something that works for your wardrobe requirements.


Store Accessories Creatively

Accessories come in different shapes and sizes, calling for creative storage ideas to accommodate all pieces in a way that keeps them organized and easy to find. You can store the jewelry in a tray on the dresser, paired with perfumes and a flower vase. A jewelry box or jewelry tree will also do the job. For those who like hiding away things to create a more sleek and minimal look, using drawer organizers can be a great idea.

Seasonal items like gloves, scarves, and hats will sit perfectly in lidded bins over the closet shelves. Don’t forget to stick on storage labels to easily spot anything you need.

Cozee Bay's Bamboo Drawer Organizer


Add Some Drawers

While the rods in most closets are outfitted with clothing, the free space underneath is often left underutilized. Adding a closet organizer with drawers, such as wire mesh drawers, can make use of every inch of the closet. You can dedicate the compartments of closet organizer drawers to store undergarments, swimsuits, hair accessories, ties, belts, and other knick-knacks that don’t fit elsewhere.


Make Use of The Closet Door

Utilize every inch of space in the closet, including the inner side of the closet door. To keep bags off the floor and ready to grab, hanging them over door hooks can save extra room in the closet. Smaller clutches and purses can go in an acrylic handbag organizer placed in the wire mesh drawers.

Installing an over-the-door shoe organizer to store shoes or decorative hooks to hang hats or tie scarves are also cool ideas to use up space that would go to waste otherwise. In fact, beautiful hanging organizers can even utilize space on the outside of the closet door.


Allocate Space To Shoes Efficiently

Deciding on how to store shoes in a closet depends on an accurate inventory of what you own. Shoes positioned in a visible and easily accessible spot make it easier to maintain organization.

Start by sorting the shoes into categories according to how frequently they are used. Place fancy heels and long boots (when out of season) on the topmost shelve. Use boot trays or special hangers to keep your favorite boots upright and within reach when in season. Bring in small cubbies for slender shoes and flip-flops. If you’ve got free floor space, a rolling cart can house a part of your shoe collection. The best part is that you can always move it around when accessing the rest of the closet.

For people with an evergrowing shoe collection and extensive closet space, reserving a small floor-to-ceiling closet for shoes is your best bet. Keep the boots and fancy shoes on the bottom with lighter and more casual wear on top. Top Tip: Alternate shoe orientation to fit more pairs into every row.


Take Advantage of The Topmost Shelf Space

Things like seasonal clothes, sentimental items, fancy shoes, big bags used only on special occasions, and other items not needed on a daily basis can go on the topmost shelf. You can use closet organizer bins, clear containers, or simply present everything on the shelf in a visually appealing arrangement. Make sure to invest in a sturdy and safe step stool to access things easily whenever needed.


Maximize Closet Corners

Incorporating a corner closet organizer to blend in tricky closet corners as useful storage space is a cool organizational hack.

Fix overlapping closet rods by cutting down one of them. This stops it short of the adjacent wall, providing more hanging space to make accessing clothes on either side easier. You can also add L-shaped or angled corner shelving.


Tips For Organizing Other Closets

Once you’ve tackled the bedroom closet, it’s time to sort out the rest of the wardrobes, including the bathroom and kids’ closets.

Bathroom Closet Organization

Combine different bathroom closet organization ideas to maximize your bathroom closet.

  • Employ baskets with labels to minimize guesswork and hide visual clutter.
  • Consider a closet organizer bathroom. In that regard, a closet drawer organizer in each drawer can keep things organized and easy to find.
  • Add a lazy Susan for sunscreen, shampoo, and hairspray.
  • If you lack storage space, consider incorporating additional (freestanding) closet organizers with drawers.
  • Use a divided turntable to store medicine.
  • Maximize tall closet shelves by stacking open-front bamboo bins to store extra paper towels and toiletries.
  • Bring in glass apothecary jars to store soap bars, bath bombs, and cotton balls.
  • Divide shelves to keep linens tidy and upright.
  • Utilize freestanding drawers on deep shelves.
  • Install paper towel dispensers.

Credits:Cozee Bay

Kids Closet Organization

A functional, bright, and fun kids' closet organizer will make it easier for kids to find what they need and motivate them to keep their space clean.

  • Pick an entire week’s outfits ahead of time and add labels to make it easier for children to get ready without debate every morning.
  • Include all storage essentials, such as drawer inserts, belt racks, storage baskets, and hampers.
  • Find a reachable height for your kids and place all essential items within that measurement.
  • Use pull-out shoe shelves to maximize storage space. If you have deep corners, you can use a lazy susan (rotating turntable) as an efficient kids closet organizer.
  • Allocate cubbies for toys.
  • Place a bamboo storage bag organizer on one of the shelves in the closet. Encourage your kids to pull out a ziplock bag and toss in their jewelry item, pair of socks, and other small essentials before placing them back in their designated storage baskets. This can help keep things organized — and make it hassle-free for them to find them in the future.

Also, be sure to ask your kid their preferences, and aim to decorate their closet according to their taste. They’ll love it!

Cozee Bay’s Bamboo Storage Bag Organizer


Final Words

Your closet experience doesn’t have to be a hassle. You can make it an absolute pleasure simply by organizing it with smart tips; effective solutions are a container store closet organizer as well as closet drawers organizers. Bonus points if your storage solutions are made from eco-friendly bamboo 😉 Plus, organizing will make the closet look a lot more aesthetic — and, if you use glass-front cabinets — will double as a decorative element for your home 🤍






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